All Designs Are Based In Web Standards

You're an extremely creative individual. Getting your websites to behave in Internet Explorer is proof enough... you are creative. Even so, you may not have the time or know-how needed to get the design of your site looking as clean as your code. That's OK. I take design as seriously as you take your markup. Have a look around, and get in touch if you think we'd work well together.

Welcome to Web Design Key

Abraham Lincoln had once said, "If I have eight hours to cut a tree, I spend six in sharpening the axe". We adopt the same approach while working on projects. Understanding is the key. A lot of time is spent on analyzing, understanding the business objective and the brand value before embarking on the design work to make the website simple-y the best.

Web design key is Website Design and Development Company based in India. From website designing, development and consulting to writing content, a team of highly dedicated and efficient professionals work towards becoming a one-stop shop for you.

The latest and simple design that works and reflects the company is our motto. We also ensure that the brand is clearly reflected though the web site. This approach coupled with good design technique and right approach has always got us a positive response from our valued customers. We wish to continue on the same trend.

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The services that Web Design Key can offer to you are detailed on the right.
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If you do require a service that is not detailed on this page, please contact me and I will make the effort to try and meet your requirements, although the most common choices are all listed.

  • Logo Designing
    Logo design is key to your site, the logo needs be effective and show what your site is about, but it is also required to be simple enough to be memorable...
  • Template Coding
    If you have a design of your site then I am happy to code this for you into a valid XHTML and CSS template. It helps if the designs are in .PSD format which is seperated into multiple layers...
  • Template Design
    Templates are the outer shell of websites. Essentially they′re a fully functional web page, ready to be configured with your own content, and to use a base for you to create...
  • Website Design
    Web Design Key can create individually designed websites specifically for your personal or business site and will hand over the designs in .PSD or .PNG format,...